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Building a granny flat in Sydney with creative designs that suit the needs of every lifestyle

Building a granny flat Sydney specialises in the design, approval and construction of granny flats in and around Sydney. It offers a complete team that will manage your project from the initial concept. This is an ideal way of increasing your land and providing additional space for a car, storage, office and garden. Our expert team will work with you to increase the results from your granny flat project by recommending design features based on your land, existing building, aspect and usage requirements.

  • One bedroom granny flat designs that suit your needs and lifestyle perfectly. They are best for people looking to build an at home office and they are also optimal for the individuals that work on projects the may require isolation from the sound. Building a granny flat Sydney is the best way for investment.
  • Two bedroom granny flat designs are the ultimate place for parents to live and the nice place for guest to stay while they are visiting because we have a large adroit team of planner architects, designers,  project originator consultants and customer service representatives that all working together for the acquirement of granny flats. 
  • Three bedrooms granny Building a granny flat Sydney with creative designs that suit the needs of every lifestyle are best for people that need extra space and facilities because this allows you to maximize the income that your Granny Flat can generate. These are also perfect for others looking to live on your property but still allows for privacy between the two dwellings.

Bellcast Granny Flats have a team of architects and draftsman, who are very innovative in the designs they produce while meeting planning management. More families and investors across Sydney are choosing Bellcast Granny Flat for their Granny Flat because we understand everyone’s needs, sites, requirements,  budgets, lifestyles and specification are different. 

Building a granny flat Sydney designs aid to reduce the cost of adding a granny flat to the lowest possible price without immolating quality and it combines a comfortable and deluxe accommodation zone with a vibrant living area complete with Kitchen, Living, Dining, Car parking,  Laundry space and Garden space. We Building a granny flat Sydney ranging in size, budget, and property with a focus on affordability, energy efficiency and sustainability because we only use the standard industry-accepted fixed price contracts for your peace of mind and our Granny Flats are built in accordance with the Australian Building Standards.


Building a granny flat in Sydney with creative designs that suit the needs of every lifestyle