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1 Bedroom Granny Flat Sydney

High-Quality 1 Bedroom Granny Flats In Sydney

Bellcast provides a range of 1 bedroom granny flats available for construction. Our 1 bedroom granny flats are fully featured and constructed with the highest quality materials for a perfect fit & finish.

While we do offer preset designs, you can tailor the 1 bedroom granny flat so that it looks precisely the way you want it to. We would prefer you have the house that you like, and it's much more efficient than changing your mind halfway through a build, which can have disastrous consequences and impact on building time and cost.

A 1 bedroom granny flat could be just what you need and can be a quick and affordable process. In less than 4 months, your home could have a beautifully attached 1 bedroom granny flat with minimal stress or effort on your part. Moreover, a 1 bedroom granny flat can also be an excellent wealth builder if you do it the right way, with the right builder.

Call the right builder now on 1300 661 370 for quick, affordable, and high quality 1 bedroom granny flats in Sydney.

Just what is a granny flat?

A granny flat is a somewhat casual name, known more formally as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (‘ADU’) or accessory unit. It is usually built onto an existing unit to accommodate aging parents. They are pretty much tiny houses. But because there has been an upsurge in minimalist living and Sydney land prices, granny flats are becoming more and more popular as a means of making the most out of available space. In a nutshell, granny flats are a winner - they are easier to build, cheaper to build, and space-efficient.

What are the main uses of granny flats?

Granny flats are perfect for aging parents or for young adults - two categories of people who need their own space but also need to be nearby. The flats can also be rented out via Airbnb or a similar platform if you are looking for an easy investment. This way, you keep your existing space but make some money through the flat. They are great investment opportunities while also being a great way to cater for teenagers or aging parents. When/If the teenagers have grown up, you can then rent out the space.

What are the advantages of 1 bedroom granny flats in Sydney?

As the smallest kind of granny flat, a one bedroom unit is quicker to build, cheaper to build and easier to build. Most granny flats are only one or two bedrooms anyway. This is because they are designed as an addition to an existing structure. A 3 bedroom granny flat might not be much smaller than your existing home.

Can I make money with a 1 bedroom granny flat in Sydney?

Of course. In comparison to the cost of buying or building a new house, you are set to save a lot. Consider that you can rent out a granny flat for similar amounts to a typical house. But at about a third of the build price. That’s quite the saving. For a clear idea of what you could save, check out our wealth creation page.

What are the typical requirements for 1 bedroom granny flats in Sydney?

The primary requirements are that your property is at least 450 metres squared with 12 metres of road frontage, and is in a residential zone. The flat cannot be built within 3 metres from the backyard fence, 1 metre from the side fence, and 1.8 metres from the house. The remaining space you can build within. This applies if you are building a detached/standalone dwelling.

Why choose Bellcast for my 1 bedroom granny flat in Sydney?

We are 100% licenced and insured to operate and will provide you with a Home Owners Warranty Insurance Policy upon completion. We are the fastest builders of Granny Flats in Sydney and take a direct approach to design and planning.

As experts in the field of Sydney granny flats, we know what will work and what won’t, what items add to the overall cost, and whether or not a given space will get planning permission. We are familiar with the most reliable tradespeople in the area and know all of the top players in the Sydney housing development industry. We have helped hundreds of people to build their perfect flat in Sydney and can do the same for you.

Call us now for a superb 1 bedroom granny flat in Sydney - 1300 661 370.